Seasonic S12II-520 520W Bronze (SS-520GB)

Seasonic S12II-520 520W Bronze (SS-520GB)

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Мощност на захранването520 W
PFC защитаАктивна
Размер на вентилатора120 мм
Максимална консумация на ток +3,3V24 A
Максимална консумация на ток +5V24 A
Максимална консумация на ток +12V140 A
Максимална консумация на ток -12V0.8 A


FDD захранване 2
HDD захранване 6
SATA захранване 6

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Today, Sea Sonic Electronics launches the S12II Bronze Series; the updated version of the award winning S12II Series to meet the growing demand for high efficiency and yet price competitive power supplies.

The S12II Bronze Series achieves the 80 PLUS ® Bronze standard of at least 82%, 85% & 82% power usage efficiency at 20%, 50% & 100% operating loads respectively.   This, combined with Active Power Factor Correction, enables the S12II Bronze to reduce energy waste, boost power efficiency and more importantly, reduce the energy costs for the users.
In addition to the efficiency upgrade, the S12II Bronze Series maintains the strong foundations of the S12II series.   Important features such as the stable and proven Double Forward Converter circuit design, the industry leading Smart and Silent Fan Control (S2FC) and the use of high reliability Japanese brand capacitors are all carried forward to the Bronze. The S12II Bronze Series, similar to its predecessors, is available in the standard ATX Form Factor and in wattages that are most common for a PC system.   In addition to the all-in-one cabling design, the 520W and 620W models come with additional EPS connectors for IPC and server systems and supports both 6P & 8P PCI-E connectors for the most current and high end dual graphic cards.
Special Features - Product Information 1. AC input & DC output voltages ( 100~240V, 50/60Hz ) 2. Wire Configuration 3. Dimension: W150 x L140 x H86 mm

4. Total Protection

Over Voltage / Over Power / Short Circuit Protection
Total protection for your power supply, your system and yourself.

5. Operating Environment
Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C. Relative Humidity: 20% to 80%.
(The rated power will reduce from 100% to 80% from 40°C to 50°C) Продукт известен още и като S 12 II 520 520 W Bronze SS 520 GB, S12II520520WBronzeSS520GB, S12II 520 520W Bronze (SS 520GB), S12II-520520WBronzeSS-520GB, S12II-520 520W Bronze (SS 520GB), S12II-520 520W Bronze (SS-520 GB)
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