Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle (ZHF4012GL) Електрически кани

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle (ZHF4012GL) Електрически кани

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Xiaomi Кана Mi Smart Kettle EU

Лизинг.ДДСфактура.Оторизиран сервиз.300лв безплатна доставка

89,00 лв
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Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Kettle - Кана

89,00 лв
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Максимален капацитет 1.5 л
Мощност 1800 W
Материал на изработката Неръждаема стомана
Безжична кана Да
Въртяща основа  Да
Скрити нагреватели  Да
Защита от прегряване Да
Настройка на температура Да
Филтър за котлен камък Да
Прозорец за водното ниво Да
Автоматично изключване Да

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Convenient solution for busy people

Work usually takes up most of your time; sometimes you don’t even have a minute to stop. Take a few seconds for yourself. Drink a glass of water in the morning, this simple action will help your brain to recover from sleep, to hydrate and launch the whole body work. Furthermore, just one cup of warm water will help you to improve the stomach and intestines functioning and make your metabolism better.

With new Xiaomi MiJia Smart Kettle you can daily heat up a cup of water for yourself to warm the heart, support all body processes, improve blood circulation and minimize any occurring spasms and pain.








Stylish accent in your kitchen design

Neat smooth lines, beautiful color, high-quality material — these are the qualities that you will notice looking at Xiaomi MiJia Smart Kettle for the first time. But external beauty is not enough for an intelligent functional device. You’ll appreciate all the advantages of this smart kettle from Xiaomi will be opened, as soon as you will check its operation in practice.





Warm water at any time

A water tank, all temperature sensors and other parts of the kettle, which have direct contact with water, are made of high quality GB9684 standard 304 stainless steel. This material is widely used in medicine and food industry. It does not rust, does not absorb any odors, can be easily washed and, most importantly, it is absolutely harmless and safe for the organism.





Brew the most delicious tea

The water temperature for brewing green tea should be 80–90 °С, in this case all its taste properties will be revealed. Too high temperature can destroy all the nutrients and nullify all the beneficial properties of this drink.

Use the Smart Home APP to adjust the desired temperature range, depending on whether you want to boil or simply heat the water.



130 mm tank thickness

130 mm thick tank made of 304 stainless steel by seamless casting has a smooth and even surface, which is very easy to clean. A special coating on the inside is absolutely harmless to human health, it is used in medicine and food industry, and in addition, no scum traces remain on it. Thick kettle walls allow you to permanently keep the water temperature.



Ultra-precise sensors

  • British thermostat by Strix, service life up to 10 years

  • Japanese high temperature sensors by Shibaura

Xiaomi MiJia Smart Kettle complies with temperature regime with an accuracy of ± 1 %. You can also control the temperature using the Smart Home application on your smartphone.



No more scum

When the water is heated, some of the salts and impurities contained in it can stick to the walls of the kettle. To avoid this, you need to filter the water with Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier prior to its further use. The water will be clean and fresh, and its quality will meet all national standards.


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