Eaton 5E 850i USB (5E850iUSB)

Eaton 5E 850i USB (5E850iUSB)

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Изходна мощност850 VA
Ефективна мощност480 W
Мощностен фактор 0.56
Максимално изходно напрежение230 V
Тегло5.1 кг

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Eaton 5E UPS

Line interactive technology at an affordable price

UPS is securing your data and your equipment by protecting you against power outages and bad power quality
Work through under & overvoltage without wasting battery thanks to Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
Unmatched price/performance ratio

Eaton reliability

Trust a leading manufacturer with decades of experience and high quality standards : CE compliance certified by external agency (TUV)
Rely on batteries anytime : 5E batteries are permanently recharged (even when off) and UPS can start without mains (Cold-start)
Avoid back door damages coming through phone lines : 5E USB models are equipped with data line surge protection (Internet/Tel/Fax)

Easy integration

Plug easily any equipment to the UPS (PC, HD TV, internet gateway, …) thanks to IEC and Schuko outlets (on DIN models)
Install 5E anywhere thanks to its small size
Easily manage your UPS from your PC (on USB models):
Automatic integration into Windows/MacOS/Linux power management for safe system shutdown
Analyze energy use and costs, manage UPS parameters, with Eaton UPS Companion software

Rating (VA/W) - 850 VA / 480 W

Electrical Characteristics

Technology - Line-Interactive
Input voltage range without using batteries - 170V - 280V
Output voltage - 230V
Data line surge protection (Internet/Tel/Fax) - Yes


Input - 1 IEC C14 (10A)
Outputs - 4 IEC C13 (10A)


Typical backup times for 1 PC* - 20 min
Typical backup times for 2 PC* - 8 min
Battery management - Permanent battery recharge, cold start

Power Management

Communication ports - 1 USB port
Eaton UPS Companion software - Yes (available on www. eaton. eu/powerquality)

Operating conditions, Standards and Approvals

Operating temperature - 0 to 40°
Noise level Продукт известен още и като 5 E 850 i USB 5 E 850 iUSB, 5E850iUSB5E850iUSB, 5 E 85 0i USB (5 E85 0iUSB), 5E 850i USB (5E850 iUSB)
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