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Тип слушалкиТапи
Тип връзкакабелни
Минимална честота15 Hz
Максимална честота20000 Hz
Чувствителност114 dB
Дължина на кабела163 см
Регулатор за усилванеНе
Тегло30 г

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Sound-isolating in-ear headphones that feature a ground-breaking low-pass filter that delivers extended high-end clarity and unparalleled low-end performance. They are equipped with Quad High-Definition MicroDrivers that evolved from personal monitor technology road-tested by pro musicians and fine-tuned by Shure engineers. This technology enables the deep low-end performance of a true subwoofer without sacrificing clarity or detail of mids or highs. They also feature three-way system configuration for dedicated low-, mid-, and high-frequency distribution. Comfortable Sound Isolating sleeves block up to 37 dB of ambient noise, whether onstage or on-the-go. Ground-breaking low-pass filter enables low-end roll-off at ~3 dB at 90 Hz (~10 dB at 250 Hz) – the previously unattainable deep low-end performance of a true subwoofer, without sacrificing clarity or detail. Ten precision-welded, stainless steel plates form 4 inches of high acoustic mass pathway, naturally enabling low frequency roll-off to begin at about 75 Hz without distortion or artefacts. Headphones also feature adjustable sound signatures via changeable nozzle inserts and removable metal nozzle (balanced, warm, and bright options included). Lightweight, low-profile shape with optimized nozzle angle is designed to rest comfortably in the ear. Removable cable and nozzle components ensure a long product life by providing easy and efficient cleaning and part replacement. Headphones come with two detachable, durable Kevlar reinforced cables (1.15m and 1.63m long) with Wireform Fit and MMCX connectors with lock-snap mechanism which allow easy replacement and provide 360-degree rotation to optimize fit. Over-the-ear configuration also keeps cables out of the way. Sleeve fit kit, two cases, a cable clip, frequency response customization kit, airline and 1/4" adapters, a volume control, and a user guide are all included. Sensitivity: 114 dB SPL/mW. Frequency range: 15 Hz-20 kHz. Crystal Clear colour design. Продукт известен още и като SE 846
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