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The C4096A is a one-part Ultraprecise Print Cartridge with new toner formulationand cartridge design. It is specifically designed to work with the HP LaserJet2100 and 2200 Series printers to ensure optimal printing of text and graphics. The C4096A Print Cartridge provides professional LaserJet print quality that isa great choice for every type of printing need, with superior detail andgray-scale quality allowing for attention-getting, persuasive documents. It's arobust solution able to support the demands of small group printing. Printingresults are consistent with HP's reputation as the leader in laser printing. Prints approximately 5,000 pages, based on 5% average coverage.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra-fine dual polymer toner for sharper text, smoother greyscales, blackerblacks and finer details for photographic images.  
  • Sensitive OPC drum produces smaller, more precisely placed dots forhigh-resolution printing at 1200 dpi.  
  • Helical roller drive eliminates banding - even when toner levels are becominglow.  
  • Magnetic seals lock the toner inside the cartridge to prevent leakage.  
  • HP branded pull-tab confirms you are using an original HP ultraprecise printcartridge.  
  • 5,000 pages at 5% coverage (10,250 pages with the 'Dr. Grauert' test page asused in ISO 10561/ECMA-132).   

Compatibility: < /STRONG>  hp LaserJet 2000 series.    

Продукт известен още и като C 4096 A, C 4096A, C4096 A
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