ASUS Xonar U7 MKII (90YB00KB-M0UC00) Звукови карти

ASUS Xonar U7 MKII (90YB00KB-M0UC00) Звукови карти

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Тип Външна
Свързване USB
Максимална конфигурация говорители  7.1
Максимална степен на семплиране  192
Съотношение сигнал/шум  110 dB

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Asus Xonar U7 MKII 7.1 USB DAC with Headphone Amplifier

True 7.1-channel, 192kHz/24-bit HD surround sound with a 114dB SNR from a compact, USB-powered device
Integrated headphone amplifier boosts sound and reveals musical details
Dedicated headphone and mic volume controls enable instant audio adjustments for better gaming and media streaming experiences
Clickable volume control knob for convenient switching between headphone and speaker output
Sonic Studio software suite with intuitive, single-screen interface and Sonic Radar Pro for mapping opponent locations in first-person shooters

Enjoy stunningly detailed audio with this plug-and-play USB sound card

Xonar U7 MKII is designed to provide the best audio experiences for PC gaming and media streaming. It delivers stunningly clear and impactful sound when listening with headphones or speakers that far surpasses onboard PC audio hardware. With convenient USB connectivity, Xonar U7 MKII gives you instantly upgraded sound quality without the need to open your PC case to install an internal sound card. Its USB design also eliminates the need for a separate power supply, so just connect one cable and start listening.

Audio Interface
USB 2.0 high-speed/ USB 1.0 for playback

Audio Performance
Output Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-Weighted):
114 dB

Input Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-Weighted) :
110 dB

Output THD+N at 1kHz (Front-out) :
>0.0006 %(104 dB)

Frequency Response (-3dB, 24bit/96KHz input) :
10 Hz to 46 KHz

Output/Input Full-Scale Voltage :
Line output (RCA, 3.5) : 1 Vrms (2.828 Vp-p)
Headphone output : 1.3 Vrms (3.677 Vp-p)

Audio Processor :C-Media USB2.0 6632AX High-Definition Sound Processor (Max. 192KHz/24bit)
Digital-to-analog Converter(DAC)
Cirrus Logic CS4398
Cirrus Logic CS4362
Sample Rate and Resolution
Analog Playback Sample Rate and Resolution :
44.1K/48K/88.2K/96K/176.4K/192KHz @ 16bit/24bit
Analog Recording Sample Rate and Resolution :
44.1K/48K/88.2K/96K/176.4K/192KHz @ 16bit/24bit
S/PDIF Digital Output :
44.1K/48K/88.2K/96K/176.4K/192KHz @ 16bit/24bit

Analog Output
4 x 3.5 mm jack (1/8") (Headphone out /Side out/Center-Subwoofer out/Rear out)
2 x RCA (Un-Balanced)

Analog Input
1 x 3.5 mm jack (1/8") (Line-in/ Mic-in combo)

1 x S/PDIF out (1 x Coaxial)

Special Features

Sonic Studio
Operating System
Windows 10 86x64
Windows 8.1 86x64
Windows 7 86x64
Mac OS X

S/PDIF adapter x 1
Quick start guide x 1
USB cable x 1

130 x 80 x 25 mm ( L x W x H )

Xonar U7 MKII playback under OS X without any driver needed, just switch to USB Audio 2.0 on a Mac.

Продукт известен още и като Xonar U 7 MKII 90 YB 00 KB M 0 UC 00, XonarU7MKII90YB00KBM0UC00, Xonar U7 MKII (90YB00KB M0UC00), XonarU7MKII90YB00KB-M0UC00, Xonar U7 MKII (90YB 00KB-M0UC 00)

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